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Crunch 5.25" Coaxial car portable Speakers online, 250w Max

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Crunch 5.25" Coaxial Speaker 250w Max


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Crunch 5.25" Coaxial Speaker 250w Max

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UPC 806576222125

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14 Review For Crunch 5.25" Coaxial car portable Speakers online, 250w Max
  • user Avater

    Jayden 18-04-2021

    "Crunch Full Range Coaxial Car Speaker richard illingworth Reviewed in the united states, idhao Interestingly, they're just as good as my JL Audio C2-350 and can handle extra power for the price. After one and a half years, the JLs blew up. Let's see how these hold up in the long run. For the time being, they are a steal at a fraction of the price."

  • user Avater

    Lyle 18-04-2021

    good product, price and quick delivery"

  • user Avater

    Robbie 18-04-2021

    "Awesome product sounds better then my fosgates! Fantastic for the price"

  • user Avater

    Calvin 18-04-2021

    "Great Lights These lights are amazing and made of solid material.. Worth every penny. They provide way better lighting than I expected.. Will buy more"

  • user Avater

    Corey 18-04-2021

    "not so much good After two seasons in a Jeep Wrangler, these failed. Since the Jeep is only used in the summer and the stereo is only used for slower city driving, the actual play time was reduced and the volume was not high. It's likely that grit got into the voice coils because Jeeps produce rusty dust when they decompose, and some of it clung to the magnets. In any case, I wouldn't use these in a harsh atmosphere. "

  • user Avater

    Jaxson 18-04-2021

    "Sound better than expected for the price Fit in my early Porsche 944 with only a small mod to front door speaker cover. Sound better than expected for the price. Very pleased."

  • user Avater

    Christopher 18-04-2021

    " Top notch Fits in rear of f150 great sounds great..this brand is reliable."

  • user Avater

    Teddy 18-04-2021

    "They're not bad... I was pleasantly surprised by these speakers. At 20 bucks, I didn't have real high expectations. However, these speakers are very clear. They have a nice crisp sound, even under strain. That being said, do they have a ton of bass? Of course not. Should anyone expect top of the line quality for this price? Of course not. But, they have a very good sound quality and are well worth the pricetag. Again, I was pretty surprised by them."

  • user Avater

    Eli 18-04-2021

    "Great sound for a great price To start anyone who says these speakers aren't worth the price must not know how much worse the sound quality can get with even less expensive speakers. Now are these the best speakers on the market? No they are not, but overall sound quality is descent, the highs are much better replicated then the stock duel cone speakers I replaced out of my 2000 Chevy Silverado and the bass for being non amplified in my application is pretty tight as well which I'm sure I could get even better sound replication out of these if I did amplify them but these are just in my work truck. Overall I highly recommend these to anyone looking for an upgrade over stock speakers. For less then $30 I bought front and rear speakers and I can't be happier."

  • user Avater

    Marcus 18-04-2021

    " The 4x6 speakers sound awful Hooked them up - were instantly distorting at almost 50% volume. Boxed up and returned immediately."

  • user Avater

    Parker 18-04-2021

    Crunch Time My speakers came early and after installing them they work great . Good product and good price for my S-10 ."

  • user Avater

    Tyler 18-04-2021

    "Sounds great and fit like they said Sounds great and fit like they said. Easy to install. I would buy again at that price. I bought two sets first order."

  • user Avater

    Euan 18-04-2021

    they sound great for the price"

  • user Avater

    Hudson 18-04-2021

    "it in his Big Rig and says it sounds great. Size: 4 x 6-InchVerified Purchase My husband installed it in his Big Rig and says it sounds great."